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Posted on March 10, 2015

lauchlan leishman from berkeley capitalI’ve decided to put together some of my best publications and articles I shared across different blogs and newspapers. It’s all about property investment and the way how we train investors in Berkeley Capital. You can find great tips on what to avoid and steps how to become successful.




Slidesearch – Property Investment Success

Lauchlan Leishman Shares Several Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Commonly Make

Buying or Selling? Lauchlan Leishman Holds Formula for Success in Property Investments

Lauchlan Leishman – Add Ons That May Improve Your House’s Real Estate Value

Lauchlan Leishman from Berkeley Capital and his blogs

The Four Errors Real Estate Sellers Should Really Avoid

Lauchlan Leishman Offers Advice on U.S. Visa Applications as International Sales of U.S. Properties Rise

Lauchlan Leishman – Property Investment Blog

I hope you’ve found the right knowledge you’re looking for and I wish you good luck with your property investment.

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