Property Investment Hot Spots In Asia

Posted on March 24, 2015

Asia has seen unprecedented economic growth in recent decades and with development continuing there has never been a better time for property investment in the region. When approaching property investment in the Asia region it must be understood how large and diverse the market is. From mega cities like Tokyo right down to undeveloped farm land in developing Asian nations there is something for every colour of property buyer.

Cities in Asia range from regional capitals and trade hubs – like Sydney and Kuala Lumpur – right through to modern mega cities like Tokyo and Shanghai. With such a wide variety of investment opportunities in Asia, we’ve compiled a few of the hot spots to help you decide where to invest in property.

Asian Property Investment Hotspots by City

The Chinese property market has started to slow down compared to its heady growth over the past decade. However, big trade hubs like Shanghai are still attracting investors despite many Chinese investors looking to overseas destinations like Australia for better returns and more stability.

Sydney has seen a property boom over the past decade and while this too has slowed slightly, it is still growing at a rapid pace. The main reason for Sydney’s successful run of increased real estate prices can be put down to huge demand and dwindling supply. As mentioned above, overseas investors are helping to fuel the price growth but local buyers are also buying up with record low interest rates.

Kuala Lumpur
Post global financial crisis Malaysia is seeing an upsurge in property investment, again buoyed by Chinese investors seeking opportunities for excess capital. It’s relatively stable property market and its position in the middle of South East Asia makes the Malaysian capital a great place to invest in Asia.

An ageing population hasn’t stopped interest in Tokyo property – especially commercial properties. No matter where the overall Japanese economy heads over the next few decades nothing can take away Tokyo’s place as a modern mega city and Asian trade hub.

Asian Property Investment Hot Spots by Country

While the Sydney market is the focus for many overseas investors, areas around Australia offer the same types of stability, price growth and at times better rental yields. Often overlooked places like Darwin have seen huge property price increases over the past decade and the capital cities of Brisbane and Melbourne also show steady growth.

The Chinese property market may have hit its peak but this may also start to bring about a more stable property market. This is a highly competitive market to move into but it does have lots of potential rewards – especially as the Chinese middle class continues to grow and invest in their own country.

Make sure you research any investment choice carefully or use a property advisor to help you invest in property wisely.

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