The 5 Best Countries To Invest In Property

Posted on December 1, 2014

Make Your Money Work For You: Consider The 5 Best Countries To Invest In Property

best countries for property investment

Taking your hard-earned money and putting it into a savings account is good practice if you’re keen on building an emergency fund that you can tap into during times of need. But if you’re looking for more financial security for your future, savings accounts can only do so much. The recommended action to take, according to the experts at Lauchlan Leishman, is to make a solid investment — and no other vehicle can make your money work for you as well as property can.

Going beyond your borders

Investing in property in your homeland would often be the logical choice — you’ll be able to easily access and monitor the property you’ve purchased for the purpose of renting it out, and you’re already familiar with local regulations that you need to comply with. But there’s no reason to limit yourself to investment opportunities found in your native country; after all, more and more people are travelling to the different corners of the world for business and leisure, or are looking to retire in a foreign country, so there’s always a market for rental properties. You’re sure to profit from a wisely selected investment property abroad, and it can be a comfortable holiday residence or a steady source of income for your own retirement years, too.

Certain destinations around the world are now looking very attractive for the buy-to-let market. And if you’re ready to put your money on properties that offer good value, then you may want to consider the five best countries to invest in property in 2014.

1. Grenada

The Caribbean is very popular among tourists and expats, so securing an investment property in the Spice Island can be a very good bet — especially since its government is set to introduce a Citizenship by Investment scheme that would prove beneficial to eager investors.

2. Panama

With an impressive GDP growth rate (which surpassed China’s in 2012) and a stable government, Panama is proving to be a force that can compete with more romantic and established Latin American destinations. It is also home to Colon, a tax-free zone, which means benefits for investment seekers.

3. Tuscany, Italy

If you must have an investment property in Europe, then it has to be in Tuscany. For many wealthy buyers, it doesn’t matter if the property’s value goes up or down — real estate in this charming location will always be a treasure to have. Italy’s tax system is reported to soon be launching changes that would be favourable for investors.

4. Zell Am See, Austria

If you get expert property advice from professionals and conduct your search at the right time, Zell Am See may just open doors for you. There is a high demand for holiday lettings that comply with the proper authorisations, and good value can be found in the properties here.

5. Mauritius

Gorgeous beaches and a tropical climate make it easy for Mauritius to attract and welcome tourists and expats all year long. It certainly also helps that this destination has a strong rental market, and that foreign property buyers can qualify for residency and related tax benefits.


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