Basics of Singapore Stock Exchange

Posted on June 27, 2016

To become a good trader you need to know the basic rules. Although the stock investing rules are quite simple, but the most important thing is the implementations of those rules. Many investors know about the basic stock investing rules, but they do not know how to implement them. In my article I will tell you about some basic stock investing rules and how to implement them.

1st and the most important rule is that all investors should stick with a strategy. But when talking about the stock you cannot stick with one single strategy your strategy must vary according to the situation.

Next important rule that all investors must understand is they must set a pre-defined target in their mind before investing in the stock market. If the stock reaches the target which you have in your mind you must take a quick decision whether you want to proceed further or you will stick with your pre-defined target.

3rd important rule is it’s not necessary that always you will achieve what you expect. Sometimes because of fluctuating stock market, you can be in the situation where you have to bear some loss. In that type of case you must do some market research and forecasting. Stock is a risky game if you are sure that you will bear more losses in the future rather than gaining profit you must get yourself out of there as soon as you can and if the forecasting and research shows that the market will get stabilized in the coming time then you must proceed further.
Above were 3 basic stock investing rules which you must learn and also learn how to implement them according to the situation. These 3 rules do not provide you the complete information that you need for becoming a good investor, but they are enough for you to learn the basics of the stock market.

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